How To Use Penis Extender

Penis extenders are a popular and non-invasive method for penis enlargement. These devices use the principle of traction therapy to increase both length and girth gradually.

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to use a penis extender safely and effectively.

Step 1: Securely Fasten the Penis Extender to Your Penis

  • Ease into the Process: Before rushing, ensure that you’re in a calm and private environment. You want to be relaxed and free from distractions.
  • Follow the Instructional Material: Your penis extender package will come with an instructional DVD or manual. This provides a step-by-step guide on how to assemble and securely attach the device.
  • Ensure Comfort: Make sure it feels comfortable. It shouldn’t pinch or cause any pain. If discomfort persists, readjust the device.

Step 2: Adjust Screws for the Proper Tension

  • Consult the Quick Guide: To ascertain the degree of tension needed, consult the provided “Quick Guide.” It outlines the recommended tension based on your specific enlargement goals.
  • Start Slow: As a beginner, start with a lower degree of tension. Gradually increase as you get used to the device. This ensures safety and prevents undue stress on the penis.

Step 3: Wear the Extender Consistently

  • Commitment is Key: For best results, adhere to the wearing schedule outlined in your “Quick Guide.”
  • Gradual Progress: Don’t rush the process. Gradual and consistent use ensures you achieve the desired results without causing harm.

Step 4: Understand the Science: Traction Triggers Mitosis

  • The Principle of Traction: The device applies gentle and safe traction over extended periods. This stretching prompts cellular division.
  • Cell Duplication: As cells stretch, they divide and multiply. This process of mitosis is the basis for the enlargement you’ll witness.

Step 5: Celebrate Permanent Enlargement

  • Patience Pays: While some users notice changes within weeks, it’s important to remain patient. Over time, you can expect a significant increase in both length and girth.
  • Permanent Results: The gains achieved from using a penis extender are permanent. So, once you attain your desired size, there’s no regression.

Additional Tips and Safety Instructions

  • Measure Regularly: Keeping track of your progress can be motivating. Use a ruler or measuring tape to record changes.
  • Hygiene: Always keep your extender clean to prevent infections or irritations.
  • Comfort is Key: If you experience pain or severe discomfort, adjust the device or take a break. Overextending can be harmful.
  • Patience and Persistence: Penis enlargement is a gradual process. Don’t expect overnight results and stay committed to the program.


Using a penis extender involves more than just attaching a device; it requires understanding the science of traction therapy, following safety instructions, and being patient with the process.

By adhering to these steps and guidelines, individuals seeking penis enlargement can safely and effectively achieve their goals.

For more detailed information and user experiences, refer to our comprehensive blog section and user forums.

Remember, while penis extenders are a popular method for enlargement, consulting with a healthcare provider before starting any new regimen is advised for safety and health considerations.

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